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Personalized Pest Control Treatment for Your Home

Having an infestation in your home is enough to ruin your day, but the situation is made even worse when the exterminator you call gives you the same blanket service as everyone else. Here at Justice Pest Services, that’s not how we do it. We pride ourselves on taking the time to learn the specifics of your situation so we can target our treatments to meet your individual needs.

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Guaranteed Protection

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not happy with our services we will return and re-treat for free.

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Locally Owned and Operated

As a locally owned and family-operated business,  we understand nearby pests. Our trustworthy and hardworking team is committed to protecting our neighbors with top-notch pest control treatments.

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No Contracts

We offer exceptional service with no binding contracts, so you can get the help you need without feeling tied down.

Austin, TX

We have used Justice Pest Services for over 6 years in two different homes. Their techs are knowledgeable and courteous. They have also done a great job on our Christmas lights more recently.

Pest Control in Bee Cave

There’s no place like the Lone Star State, and no one has pests quite like we do. Some bugs are a nuisance, others are more serious: critters like termites can cause serious damage to a property, and scorpions present an immediate danger to you, your family, and your business. Our local exterminators receive ongoing training on a monthly basis so they are prepared to handle whatever scenario you have on your hands.

Our Family-Friendly Approach

Your safety and comfort are our highest priority—that’s why we use reduced-risk products, ensuring you don’t have to fear for yourself or your family’s health when we treat your home. 

When you call us for pest control in Bee Cave, you can expect:

  • A free inspection from one of our certified technicians, who will listen to your concerns. 
  • To develop the best bug removal strategy for you alongside your technician.
  • One-time, or recurring treatments—you choose!
  • Our exterminator will implement the treatment you agree to.
  • If pests persist within 30 days of a one-time service, we’ll come back and see that the issue is resolved. 

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Get Rid of Bugs Fast with Help From Our Local Exterminators

As a locally-owned and operated pest control company, we understand local pests and how to get rid of them. Our dependable team is ready to provide you with effective pest control services that will eliminate your current infestation and also help prevent any future ones. If you're dealing with a pest problem, just give our team a call, and we'll schedule a technician to treat your home so you can reclaim your space.

Our local exterminators in Bee Cave will help you get rid of:

  • Earwigs
  • Ants
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Flies
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Scorpions
  • Termites
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes
  • Wasps 
  • And more!

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the treatment we provide to fit you.

Termite Exterminator in Bee Cave

Termites aren’t easy to detect; they’re small, hide out of sight, and work quietly. By the time you realize you have a termite infestation, they’ve likely caused hundreds of dollars of structural damage. While that sounds scary, you can rely on our termite treatment in Bee Cave to get rid of termites and protect your home. Whether you currently have a termite problem or want to prevent one from happening, we have the solution for you!

Our termite exterminators will:

  • Inspect your home to locate the infestation and determine its severity.
  • Use Termidor to eliminate termites upon contact and through ingestion.
  • Treat houses still under construction with eco-friendly Bora-Care.
  • Apply our one-year termite control warranty, which is renewable for up to ten years.
  • Schedule annual inspections to ensure your home stays termite-free.

Mosquito Exterminator in Bee Cave

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your yard this season! Mosquitos can be harmful to your loved ones and pets as they are carriers of Zika and West Nile Virus. They can also be challenging to control on your own, so don’t wait to ask for help! With over 16 years of mosquito control experience, Justice Pest Control has a team of expert exterminators that can get rid of these bugs so you can safely enjoy your lawn and get back to all of the outdoor activities you love. 

Our customized mosquito control services include:

  • A comprehensive inspection to find where the mosquito populations are reproducing.
  • A tailored treatment plan that best fits the needs of your lawn.
  • Recurring or one-time treatment options based on your needs.

Misting Systems in Bee Cave

Have mosquitoes and spiders taken over your favorite outdoor areas and are keeping you inside? Mosquito and spider control is difficult to take on by yourself and usually requires professional treatment. Justice Pest Services’ misting systems are the solution to eliminating mosquitoes and spiders from your property! Misting systems keep these insects away by releasing a fine mist multiple times a day for ultimate protection. The misting systems are set on an automatic timer, so you can just sit back and relax while they put in the work. We strive to keep our ecosystem safe, so our misting systems are installed above water and are safe for local wildlife. 

Justice’s misting systems services include:

  • A comprehensive inspection performed by our experienced exterminators.
  • A customized treatment plan developed based on your lawn’s needs. 
  • Daily, automatic treatments for the best results. 
  • Frequent maintenance and drum refills to ensure you have continued protection. 

Rodent Exterminator in Bee Cave

Rodent infestations can go unnoticed for quite a while, as rodents are active during the night. By the time you start to notice droppings, noxious odors, or mice and rats themselves, you can bet that there’s more where that came from. Not only do rodents carry diseases, but their chewing habits put you at risk for property destruction and even electrical fire. At Justice Pest Services, we’re dedicated to quick rodent removal and prevention. When you partner with us, our local exterminators will:

  • Conduct a detailed inspection to find rodent entry points.
  • Create a customized approach to get rid of mice and rats.
  • Trap and remove rodents.
  • Seal exit and entry openings so that rats and mice don’t return.
  • Restore your peace of mind with a rodent-free home.

If you suspect rodents, don’t delay an inspection. Contact the highly-trained rodent exterminators at Justice Pest Services today!

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