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Customizable Pest Control for Any Home or Business

At Justice, our top priority is giving you the personalized solution you need, no matter what sort of pests you’re dealing with. When you choose us for pest control in Central Texas, you can rest easy knowing that our knowledgeable technicians have the cutting-edge products and services you need to make your infestation a thing of the past.

Our Pest Control Services

Our treatments are based on a combination of industry-standard technology and years of practical experience, which are combined to create high-quality, reliable treatments. We are proud to offer a number of no-contract services in order to ensure that you only ever pay for what you need. Simple, affordable solutions are what make the Justice team your one-stop shop for all things pest control.

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Pest Control

Here in Texas, pests are a big problem. Our team has a range of customizable treatment plans to get rid of pests fast.

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Termite Treatment

Our termite treatments rely on quality products to remove pests and keep them away.

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Holiday Lighting

Taking a drive to view the holiday lights is one of the most anticipated joys of the Holiday Season. However, putting the lights up on your own is one of the most dreaded! Installing your own holiday lights is not only annoying, but can also be dangerous—climbing tall ladders, keeping track of strings of lights, and traversing around on the roof can easily go wrong if you aren’t careful. Rather than take that risk, trust the experts here at Justice Pest Services. Our team takes every safety precaution available to ensure they safely install festive lights without any hiccups.

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Misting Systems

Our misting systems are effective at eliminating these pests and are installed by certified experts.

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Rodent Control

As a Texas homeowner, you’re likely to run into rodents at some point. Let us help!